Rowing machines and rehabilitation after injury – a low impact recovery

With the correct supervision and direction, indoor rowing can be an awesome method to help recuperation from a injury or medical procedure. Indoor rowing for recovery can do a noteworthy job in enhancing cardiovascular stamina and strength while connected with significant muscle groups including: quads, hamstrings, back, shoulders, biceps, traps, lats, glutes and increase their strength.   First Degree Fitness water rowing machines are ideal for remaining dynamic recuperation, with significant less stress to the joints. Offering different levels of water reistance, you can pick a level that suits your indoor rowing recovery plan, included future increase in strength and stamina.   Distinctive to air based rowing machines, FDF Fluid Rowers machines imitate the sight, sound and feel of rowing on water, enabling you to receive a characteristic rowing development, similarly as you would in a boat.   Keep in mind while recouping from an injury, it’s critical to start off sensibly and prepare your program bit by bit. Continuously counsel a therapeutic expert before beginning any new exercise and make sure you are use your rowing machine in the right way.


1051005-apollo-pro-0041060509-768x695Back Support on rowing seat aids recovery for patients

First Degree Fitness have designed an optional lumbar support chair back for their Fluid Rowers. Giving disabled users and elder people more options to stay active with the use of an indoor rowing machine. The optional seat with back support is a very good option for rehabilitation facilities of even any more general enviroment like a studio or homegym. Due to a more stabil position and lumbar support without conflicting with any rowing functionality. For persons who are elderly, frail or undergoing rehab, this modified rowing seat could be a good option for achieving  a more active and rapid recovery.


Increase your strength with a upper body ergo workout

Trusted by medical and rehabilitation facilities, FDF’s medical upper body ergometers engage virtually every muscle in your upper body. Our upper body ergo workout targets not only strength but also endurance and stability. Suited for any fitness level and age, the upper body ergometer has a mix of benefits that make it the perfect rehabilitation tool. mdd_webA range of our ergo models are medically approved by the European Union Devices directive. This involves offering better support for joint structures and assistment with faster recovery. Options for standing and sitting exercise, included wheelchair access, makes them a fantastic tool for rehabilitation for shoulder injuries or increasing upper body strength – under direction of a doctor, if needed ofcourse. Download First Degree Fitness MDD certificate.