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Elevate Kit


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The Elevate Kit is designed to give users an elevated entry and exit point.


It is ideal for elderly, injured or restricted people. The increased position of the floor increases the stability of the user and facilitates the entry and exit of your First Degree rowing machine.


Crafted from the finest hand-painted American ash wood, the Elevate Kit blends seamlessly with the compatible rowers to add a finishing touch to the style. Simply attach the legs to the bottom of your First Degree rowing machine and notice the difference.



  • American ash frame with steel casing
  • Natural and black wood looks Other
  • Easy installation and mounting for most FDF models for horizontal Rowers
  • Increased height for easy entry and exit
  • Ideal solution for the elderly, injured or less flexible

The Elevate Kit is compatible with the following FDF products:
Horizontal Plus series

  • Apollo Plus
  • Apollo Plus (Black)
  • Viking 3 Plus

Horizontal V series

  • Apollo V
  • Apollo Pro V
  • Viking 3 V
  • Viking Pro V

Horizontal XL series

  • Apollo Pro XL
  • Viking Pro XL

Elevate Kit


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