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Horizontal Apollo Pro 2 Fluid Rower

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The Apollo Pro 2 water rower is a full commercial, made out natural wood rowing machine, ideal for group training or high-end home gyms. Featuring patented Variable Fluid Resistance Technology, you are able to increase the intensity to suit different targets and to increase your fitness level. Combining solid American Ash wrapped over a solid steel casing, A comfortable and efficient fitness machine, the unique triple bladed impeller and baffled tank offers instant catch with absolutely no dead spots.



The Apollo Pro 2 water rower is suitable for all fitness levels, providing a full body challenge that integrates the upper body, lower body and important core muscles simultaneously. If you are used to the natural catch and feel of on-water rowing, your rowing technique will right away understand the Apollo’s smooth emulation of a boat gliding through water. FDF’s patented twin tank design provides a smooth dynamic stroke, including no dead spots of resistance at the catch and continued resistance all the way to the end of the stroke. The comfortable seat – complete with textured, anti-slip finish – runs along the smooth, silent track while the maintenance free belt drive offers strength and durability. This commercial water rower is a timeless favourite in the gyms, making sure to keep members returning for more.



Your workout performance is clearly displayed on the multi-level monitor. You can track distance, Watts, calories burned, strokes per minute and more. USB connectivity allows you to optimize your training by access to our web-based logging and ranking system. Optional heart rate monitoring (Heart rate kit and belt sold separately). With options for vertical storage, transport wheels at the front and limited storage footprint, the Apollo Pro 2 is ideal for any home setting or commercial gym.


Horizontal Apollo Pro 2 Fluid Rower

1.599,00 1.199,00

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Key Features


  • 4 levels of patented Variable Fluid Resistance for continuous progression.
  • Triple bladed impeller and baffled tank for smooth water resistant action.


  • Multi-level computer with USB port for connectivity.


  • Easily adjusted footplates with secure heel capture and angled surface under ball of foot to assist leg drive.


  • Smooth and silent action and textured non-slip seat that shapes to the user.


  • Deluxe ergonomic design allows comfortable grip minimising strain on forearms, wrists and hands.


  • Ethically sourced American Ash frame with steel casing.
  • Transport wheels for easy positioning and storage.
  • Self-cleaning wheel mechanism to minimise wear and tear on bearings.
  • Stores in upright position 550 x 540mm (22×21″) and assembled length 2135mm (84″), width 550mm (22″), height 540mm (21″). Maximum user weight 150kg (330lbs).


  • Durable Belt Drive with active recoil system.


Compact footprint: 2135mm x 550mm

Upright storage – 550 x 540mm (22 x 21″)

Product Size – L 2135mm (84″) x W 550mm (22″) x H 540mm (21″)

Max User Weight – 150kg (330lb)

Box 1:

1010mm x 560mm x 585mm (39.76 x 22.04 x 23.03″)

Net Weight: 24.5kg (54.0lb)

Gross Weight: 28.1kg (61.9lb)

Cubic Metres 0.3392 (11.98 cubic feet)

Box 2:

2230 x 187x80mm (87.79 x 7.36 x 3.15″)

Nett Weight 9.3kg (20.5lb)

Gross Weight 10.3kg (22.7lb)

Cubic Metres 0.0334 (1.17 cubic feet)

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