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Horizontal Viking 2 AR Fluid Rower SALE! final models

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The Viking 2 AR Indoor water rower is a adjustable water resistance indoor rower from solid American Ash constructed it will last a lifetime. The perfect integration of style and quality of the Viking 2 AR Indoor rower gives users the sensation of rowing on water – with the twin tank providing the sound, sight and feel of actual rowing on water. With a solid American Ash construction, in combination with the force of an extremely smooth and natural stroke, it provides all you need to achieve an low impact cardio rowing experience or even a HIT training if desired.


If you’re searching for one piece of fitness equipment to provide an all over body workout that will target all core muscle groups together with a high calorie burn, then try out the Viking 2 AR rower. The Viking 2 provides a comfortable seating position for any long training session. It’s equiped with a ergonomic handle, designed to reduce strain on the wrist and hands, while the adjustable footplates with angled surface perfectly hold your feet securely. A comfortable form-fitting seat with anti-slip surface makes sure you can even push it harder without losing grip during the pull. Solid American Ash construction and extensive metal fixtures on the frame together with precision components gives you a rigid indoor rower which will last a lifetime. The highest quality, hand-lacquered finish creates the perfect elegance to integrate in any home gym. Fitted with a strong belt drive, it’s virtually maintenance free.



Your workout performance is clearly displayed on the multi-level monitor. You can track distance, Watts, calories burned, strokes per minute and more. USB connectivity allows you to optimize your training by access to our web-based logging and ranking system. Optional heart rate monitoring (Heart rate kit and belt sold separately). With options for vertical storage, transport wheels at the front and limited storage footprint, the Viking 2 AR is ideal for any home setting or a light commercial gym.

Product comes with Full Warranty.

Horizontal Viking 2 AR Fluid Rower SALE! final models

1.549,00 1.099,00


Key Features


  • Adjustable four level fluid resistance to deliver a challenging workout at the turn of a dial
  • Tough polycarbonate tank shell with a triple-bladed stainless steel paddle for instant catch and consistent resistance throughout the entire stroke.


  • Multilevel computer complete with USB port. Displays time, distance, 500m split time, strokes per minute, calories per hour, watts and heart rate.


  • Height adjustable footplates and straps to ensure optimal foot placement and comfortable rowing position.


  • Seat running on precision bearings and Delrin® low friction seat rollers along a concealed track for cleaner, smoother and safer operation.
  • Contoured seat with silent, smooth gliding action


  • Durable belt drive – smooth, clean, quiet and again maintenance free.
  • Ergonomic handle to minimised strain on forearms, wrists and hands.


  • Ethically produced from solid American Ash construction.
  • Built-in transit wheels. Light and easy to move around. Stores in just 53 x 51cm (21x 20″)


Upright Storage – 530 x 510mm (21 x 20″)

Product Size – L 2150mm (84.6″) x W 800mm (31.5″) x H 1000mm (39.4″)

Max User Weight – 150kg (330lb)

Box 1:

1035 x 560 x 575 mm (40.74 x 22.04 x 22.63″)

Nett Weight 26.2kg (57.7lb)

Gross Weight 32kg (70.5lb)

Cubic Metres 0.3334 (11.77 cubic feet)

Box 2:

1500 x 150 x 132 mm (59.05 x 5.90 x 5.19″)

Nett Weight 5.8kg (12.7lb)

Gross Weight 6.0kg (13.2lb)

Cubic Metres 0.0294 (1.04 cubic feet)

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