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Phone Holder


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Train and Watch Your Data Working out with First Degree Fitness has never been so convenient; Our
Smartphone Holder is an easy-to-install accessory that makes it even easier to track your progress during exercise.

Height adjustable for a secure fit. Our smartphone holder is compatible with any phone size – Android or Apple.


  • Black frame design blends seamlessly into the First Degree Fitness Console
  • Expandable frame, fits all smartphone sizes
  • The protective padding is on the top, back and bottom of the Smartphone bracket attached to ensure that the phone is not is scratched Other
  • Easy installation and mounting for most FDF models


The Elevate Kit is compatible with the following First Degree products:

Horizontal V series

  • Apollo v
  • Apollo Pro V
  • Trident Pro V
  • Viking 2 V
  • Viking 3 V
  • Viking Pro V

Horizontal XL series

  • Apollo Pro XL
  • Viking Pro XL

Phone Holder


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